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  1. Why did you change to TUI?

    We’ve been taking people on holiday for over 30 years. Changing to TUI gave us the chance to offer you more choice and more flexibility than ever before.

    You can take your pick from handpicked hotels, in incredible destinations, supported by our experienced team. From your local TUI Holiday Store, to your flight, to your hotel, you’ll have expert travel advice at your fingertips. So, wherever you are, we’ll make sure your holiday is unique to you.

  2. Who is TUI?

    We’re the world’s number one holiday company. Falcon was part of TUI for years – we’ve long shared the same famous smile logo and the same commitment to making great holiday experiences. And now we’ve combined the local knowledge of a worldwide team with our heritage as holiday experts, to help you discover your smile.

  3. When did it all happen?

    We became TUI in autumn 2017 – you might’ve seen some of our adverts about the change during September and October.



  1. I booked a holiday with Falcon/Thomson. How will these changes affect my holiday?

    Your booking won’t be affected at all. We take care of all the details, so all you have to do is look forward to your holiday.

  2. I want to book a holiday, what should I do?

    That’s great – if you’ve found a holiday that you love, go right ahead and get it booked. We’re still offering your favourites, along with plenty more, so there’s no reason not to start looking forward to your next adventure.

  3. Is my holiday still bonded and protected by the Commission for Aviation Regulation?

    Everything has the same protections and the same service as before. So any holidays that were protected before we became TUI will still be protected.



  1. Are you still offering the same holidays as before?

    Yes we are, but we’ve got plenty more to offer, too. If you’ve been on holiday with us in the past, you’ll see your old favourites are still available. If you’ve never been on holiday with us before, or you want to try something different, look out for exciting new choices, destinations and experiences.

  2. What’s happening to stores?

    Our TUI Holiday Stores are still the perfect place to get expert advice on booking your holiday. We’ve got the same fantastic holiday advisors and inspiring brochures.

  3. What happens to my customer account?

    Nothing at all – you can log in to your customer account using the same details as before.

For help and support with any of your pre-travel or after travel queries related to Thomson or TUI, search through our frequently asked questions.